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A startup ecosystem is formed by people, startups in their various stages and various types of organizations in a location (physical or virtual), interacting as a system to create and scale new startup companies. The benefits of start up ecosystem are numerous and includes:

Creating jobs and attracting a talent pool.


Attracting MNCs and large companies.

Talent retention and attracting global talent.


Tax revenue for the government.



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Frequently asked Questions

Is EDC a society?

No, we are not. Just like our name says (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) we are a CELL, the only E-cell of Thapar University. We are here to foster start-ups, provide them with incubation in order to allow young Entrepreneurs to grow their organization during their journey at Thapar.

Are all internships paid?

All internships present on our website are paid. The payment criteria for each internship is set and processed by the organization that it is for. Entrepreneurship Development Cell does not interfere with the process of transaction between students and the organization.

Do we have to pay?

No, Entrepreneurship Development Cell does not charge any form of fee from students for applying for internships using our platform. If any organization does ask for charges in our name, we would advice strictly against it and report it to any one of our members or on any one of our social media platforms.

Do we provide jobs?

No, we do not provide jobs of any form. Entrepreneurship Development Cell is an organization that comprises of students and is run by the students. All the students part of the organization do it voluntarily and are not bond to us by any form of contract.

What do we need to have to apply for internships?

All you need to do is register with us using your email and then apply for the organization through our portal. Other than this, you will be needed to present a resume, that consists of all your relevant details and skill sets.

How can I be a part of the EDC team?

Entrepreneurship Development Cell believes in enchoraging talents of all fields and as a part of it we run a recruitment drive once a year. It is open for students of all years and is held for multiple departments present within the cell, like designing, content, marketing and tech.

How can I apply for internship fair as an organization?

As an organization looking for talented interns, you can drop a mail on our Email ID and one of our team members will soon get in touch with you.

How can I apply for internship fair as a student?

We open the forms for the internship fair once a year, you can simply fill the form and the adjacent fee. We release all the information that you will need through our social media platforms and are open to queries on the same too.

What does EDC do?

Other than being the only incubation center of Thapar University, we organize various events to encourage Entrepreneurship among students. We also organize Internship fair to allow students to be part of organizations and gain professional experience while being part of the college.

How can we apply to be associated with the cell?

We welcome organizations to collaborate with us on multiple levels. You can simply drop a mail on our email ID and one of our team members will be in contact with you to further discuss our partnership.