"Don't let others convince you that the idea is good when your gut tells you it’s bad." This is what our E Summit targets on. The Entrepreneurship Cell is Asia's largest entrepreneurship promoting body. Our flagship event, the E Summit continues to inspire countless ideas, expedite innovative startups and multiply fruitful networks through a jam-packed cluster of events designed for everyone.

We, at EDC TIET, believe that young folks should step up into the risky world of entrepreneurship by shedding their phobia of failure and E Summit is a great opportunity to prove your worth in this era of expertise.
Some of the E SUMMIT Events are:

Tale of Ace - A workshop focusing on "Pitch Perfect". In addition, helps to enhance your communication skills, body language and other aspects which helps to pitch perfectly.
B Alchemy - An informative quiz which tests your analytical and aptitude skills and also assess your knowledge.
Fantasy Premier League - An enthralling competition in which you lead your team in a challenging scenario along with the use of virtual match simulator.
Unwind - An informal eve packed with fun and frolic for all. The most promising eve which you would have never experienced.
Elevate - A chance to show how well you perform under pressure and a stage to exhibit your technical proficiency and business aptitude.
Internship Fair - An opportunity to lead students in a proper professional direction providing guidance. Companies from all backgrounds taking part to make this fair a success.