In this fast-paced world and fierce competition, all of us are required to be equipped with a palette of strong skillset. Not only do we need these skills to excel in our careers but also to adapt and scale it further. But, you might be confused, what do we mean by “skillset.” So, I have listed some of the most essential and basic skills, everyone should possess to be successful in his/her life. 1. Learning skills A wise man once said, “If you stop learning even for a day, you are practically a dead man”. I cannot stress enough on this point. Being a human being, we are naturally curious and curiosity leads to a will to learn. As long as there is no limit of knowledge, why should we stop learning? Especially in the 21st Century, if you are not constantly learning, chances are someone else will and get ahead of you.

  1. Communication This is another critical skill which everyone should have. It won’t matter if you have a great product, if you can’t communicate with the customer, you will fail. The skill of communication s a life-long process and we constantly improve it by indulging more and more into it. In this digital age, communication took a big hit, and we need to evolve ourselves and adapt accordingly.

  2. Problem Solving Let’s face the fact. We have a lot of problems to solve in this world. The ability to solve a problem efficiently and creatively the current demand for skill. To be a good problem solver, you must think and act constantly to test what works and what don’t.

  3. Technology Although some may disagree with me on this one, it is my opinion that to survive the wrath of modern lifestyle, we all need to be tech-savvy. Technology not only makes our lives easier, but it's becoming the industry standard more or less. So, always try to stay updated with the latest innovations and updates around the world.

  4. Productivity No matter how many skills one has, if you can’t manage them wisely and efficiently, it's not of much use. Productivity is a skill which is not listed anywhere but is always expected of you. Learning to be organized and productive is a necessary skill in this era.

  5. Creativity This a highly demanded skill and unlike the popular belief that only artists need this skill, every field of work requires creativity. There are 1000 different ways to approach a problem and 1000 different people who can do it, but only creativity will set each one apart and make a particular person-the best- for that job.

The list doesn’t end here, in fact, it's not even close of ending. In the 21st Century India, because of huge competition, we a wide range of skills is somewhat mandatory to stand out from the crowd. So, always try to acquire more and more skills and gradually improve them. Lastly, I would like to conclude with a quote: “The ability to acquire new skills is the ability to improve ourselves constantly as human.”

Sandipan Kundu

Sandipan Kundu

Sandipan Kundu is currently in his Sophomore Year of Engineering from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology. He is also the Founder of, a Technology News and Media Internet Company. Besides being a complete tech geek, he is also a part-time Author, Content Creator, Web-Developer, and even a Musician.